Youth Leadership

We are committed to ensuring young people have every opportunity to have their voices heard, develop skills and lead change in their communities. We use a range of engagement tactics including advisory groups, forums, arts, sports, leadership training and mentoring to build the capacity of young people to become influential in Australian society.


Shout Out

Shout Out is an innovative public speakers agency that trains and nurtures young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds to share their experiences and views with a wider audience. While there are many specialist voices willing to talk about youth issues, we think it’s often more insightful and meaningful to hear from the real experts – young people.

If you have an event, conference, workshop or meeting that would be enriched by a multicultural young person speaking passionately about a range of subjects, Shout Out can help.


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Settle Smart

Settle Smart is a leadership project that will connect young people and empower those who are newly arrived to Australia.

The project will train 12 young people as Peer Educators who will deliver basic information sessions to newly-arrived young people across Melbourne, to help them make decisions about their future.

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