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New program creates employment pathways for young people

Pathways to Opportunity is working to establish employment and education pathways for young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds.

By supporting young people through education options, experience of work,  traineeships and apprenticeships in growth industries in Victoria, we are connecting them to invaluable networks and systems that will help solidify their work prospects for the future.

We are also working with employers to create and sustain employment opportunities for young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds.





National Youth Week | Ali

Ali* is a 20-year old Ballarat resident, who has taken on a number of volunteering roles, including advocating for asylum seekers and volunteering at CMY events. READ MORE

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NYANHIAL is no stranger to racism, but has used her experiences to tackle racial stereotypes and facilitate positive conversations around refugee and migrant young people. READ MORE

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A GIPPSLAND youth is using his passion for sport to empower young people of refugee and migrant backgrounds.


National Youth Week | Des'ree

LATROBE Valley resident, Des'ree is a Youth Ambassador for 'In the Game' - a CMY and AFL Gippsland partnersip project aimed at encouraging diversity in sport. READ MORE


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ASCOT Vale resident James is using football to drive social cohesion, as part of an innovative innovative project to unite Melbourne’s youth. READ MORE

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Footscray resident Celia is grateful for the opportunities that living in Australia presents. READ MORE
Sadiki Mukasa's life in Congo was beautiful and peaceful but when the war came everything got destroyed.