Young People

Young People imageYoung people are at the centre of what we do. What we learn from you helps us build stronger communities, support other service providers and lead positive change at local, state and national levels. Our goal is to ensure that young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds have every opportunity to succeed in Australia. Join our cause – get informed, get connected and get involved by checking out what CMY has on offer for you.
Shout Out is an innovative public speakers agency that trains and nurtures young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds to share their experiences and views with a wider audience. Shout Out is a... Read More
The government’s rhetoric has moved from young people as dole bludgers and a drain on the welfare system to young people as a resource for the future.  The Centre for Multicultural Youth is pleased to... Read More
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Ali* is a 20-year old Ballarat resident, who has taken on a number of volunteering roles, including advocating for asylum seekers and volunteering at CMY events. I came to Australia in 2013 by boat. F... Read More
NYANHIAL is no stranger to racism, but has used her experiences to tackle racial stereotypes and facilitate positive conversations around refugee and migrant young people. “(My family) were the first... Read More
Latrobe Valley resident, Des'ree is a Youth Ambassador for 'In the Game' - a CMY and AFL Gippsland partnership project aimed to encourage diversity within local clubs’ player groups. The program aims... Read More
ASCOT Vale resident James is using football to drive social cohesion, as part of an innovative project to unite Melbourne’s youth. James will join other young people to deliver ‘I Speak Football’ – a... Read More
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SADIKI Mukasa's life in Congo was beautiful and peaceful but when the war came everything got destroyed. Sadiki was born in Congo but spent some years as a refugee in Malawi, escaping the war at the a... Read More