Young People

Young People imageYoung people are at the centre of what we do. What we learn from you helps us build stronger communities, support other service providers and lead positive change at local, state and national levels. Our goal is to ensure that young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds have every opportunity to succeed in Australia. Join our cause – get informed, get connected and get involved by checking out what CMY has on offer for you.
Latrobe Valley resident, Des'ree is a Youth Ambassador for 'In the Game' - a CMY and AFL Gippsland partnership project aimed to encourage diversity within local clubs’ player groups. The program aims... Read More
ASCOT Vale resident James is using football to drive social cohesion, as part of an innovative project to unite Melbourne’s youth. James will join other young people to deliver ‘I Speak Football’ – a... Read More
FOOTSCRAY resident Celia is grateful for the opportunities that living in Australia presents. An Australia Day Youth Leadership Award recipient, Celia said that young Australians are at an exciting ju... Read More
SADIKI Mukasa's life in Congo was beautiful and peaceful but when the war came everything got destroyed. Sadiki was born in Congo but spent some years as a refugee in Malawi, escaping the war at the a... Read More
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Australia has a long history as a settlement destination for migrants and refugees. Our population is now one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse in the world. This paper explores how we... Read More
CMY is calling on young role models to support young people who have recently arrived in Australia. Settle Smart, a new CMY peer mentoring program, will connect young people and assist newly arrived y... Read More
CMY is dedicated to ensuring the work we do is youth-influenced. A Youth Advisory Group (YAG) was set up to support and empower young people and to ensure that our work continually reflects and addres... Read More
CMY has revamped its comprehensive resource kit to help teachers and other school staff be more culturally aware and welcoming to multicultural families. Opening the School Gate provides a range of st... Read More