Civic Participation

Multicultural young people make up at least one-quarter of all Australian youth but very little is known about their needs.  MY Australia is a national research partnership between nine organisations... Read More
“The most important thing you can do for the young person is be empathetic and listen to them. You might be the only person that’s taken the time to do that for them,” says Mary Lou from Benalla abou... Read More
Regional and multicultural Victorians winners in 2017 State Budget The State Government’s 2017/18 budget supports and recognises the potential of multicultural young people in metropolitan Melbourne a... Read More
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In 2016 the first Australian Digital Inclusion Index was released, recognising the enormous role access to and engagement with digital technology and the internet plays in facilitating the economic an... Read More
Volunteer with Pathways Pathways programs are in need of volunteer mentors from all walks of life to support young people engaged in the program. Young people will be actively seeking or participating... Read More
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Australia has a long history as a settlement destination for migrants and refugees. Our population is now one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse in the world. This paper explores how we... Read More
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All young people in Victoria have the right to participate as active citizens in shaping the community they live in, both locally and in society as a whole. However young people are frequently viewed... Read More
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This guide aims to encourage and empower young people to get their opinions heard and get involved in making change in their communities. It presents some of the most common ways of voicing your opini... Read More
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This report presents research findings from the Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Project “Social Networks, Belonging and Active Citizenship Among Migrant Youth in Melbourne and Brisbane”, con... Read More