With over 15 years’ experience in facilitating participation in sport, CMY recognises that sport is an effective tool for engaging young people, especially newly-arrived young people. 

CMY's sports program aims to create a more inclusive and responsive sports sector that is attuned to the needs of refugee and migrant young people, as well as increase their access and participation in sport and recreation. To do this, CMY works with sporting bodies such as a clubs and State Sporting Associations to increase cultural diversity in sport.

CMY also delivers sport programs for young people of refugee and migrant backgrounds to increase social cohesion and participation.


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Visit our Vimeo channel to watch short films about young people and sports:

YMNT - A young, multicultural netball team in Gippsland.

Refugees Saving Lives - The settlement story of an Afghan lifesaver.

Habib Speaks - The story of an Afghan footy player.

The All Stars - A young basketball team in Collingwood.