MY FAMILY: Parenting in a new culture program - Understanding the expectations of school, law and community when raising your family within Australia

City Greater Dandenong and Life without Barriers
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March 15, 2017

The model was initially piloted by City Greater Dandenong Youth and Family Services and Catholic Care in 2014 to explore how they could help meet the needs of newly arrived families who were not engaging in early intervention family services but were coming to the attention of child protection services. Families were experiencing difficulties understanding the expectations of schools, what constituted acceptable forms of discipline, and how to set boundaries for children. Many of these issues arose from differences between expectations in Australia and those expectations which were held in the country of origin, and pressures placed on families managing the settlement process.

City Greater Dandenong Youth and Family Services further developed this program which was then delivered to Life without Barriers clients.

Life Without Barriers worker said “the outcomes were positive, and the ideas were able to be applied across different groups”

The program was tailored to meet the specific needs of asylum seeking families to help them to understand the context in which parenting occurred and to explore differences from country of origin experiences.
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2007-Present (Centre for Multicultural Youth)
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