Why Volunteering Was A Great Way To Learn About Melbourne For Jianming

May 10, 2017

Ucan2 Volunteer Jianming on his experience

“I heard about CMY from RMIT career hub website,” begins Jianming Zhu, “I wanted to do something to learn more about Melbourne.”

Jianming is a dedicated volunteer with CMY’s Ucan2 program and has supported young people for the past three and a half semesters.

“I participate in quite a lot activities in the Ucan2 program such as culture exchange, excursions, sports sessions, helping students to build their resume and cover letter, etc,” he says.

“At the beginning, I found it pretty hard to connect with young people,” shares Jianming, “But I feel more confident and can engage with the young people more and more.”

A former aircraft maintenance engineer from Shanghai, Jianming came to Australia for his higher education.

“I came to Australia two years ago for studying my Masters of Engineering Aerospace and Aviation at RMIT University. I was also a psychological counsellor back in Shanghai,” he says.

Along with a curiosity about his new city, Jianming is also “very interested in communicating and knowing people from different culture background.”

Then I found the Ucan2 program, which is a great and meaningful program for helping refugee background students to settle down in Melbourne,” he says.

He believes that volunteering is a great way to come across people who’ve had life experiences that are entirely different from your own.

“Volunteering with CMY allowed me to witness that people from different ethnic backgrounds can come together as one to make positive change happen,” says Jianming.

“I think that the experience is very memorable, meaningful and unique.”

He describes his relationship with the young people he worked with as a friendly relationship, “ sometimes like mentor and mentee. We learned from each other actually.”

According to Jianming, the one quality needed to be a good volunteer is open-mindedness. 

“We usually like to project a lot of our own thoughts, ideas and judgments on people we haven't gotten to known yet,” he advises.

To learn more about the Ucan2 program, click here.

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