Racism and Discrimination

The current media reporting and political commentary on the issues of youth crime in Victoria is deeply concerning to me as the CEO of the Centre for Multicultural Youth. Read More
Over the past few weeks, there has been a barrage of media commentary about the involvement of young people from African backgrounds, especially South Sudanese, in crime. Read More
VicHealth, CSIRO’s Data61 and the Multicultural Youth Advocacy Network (MYAN) released a report looking at the trends impacting young refugees and migrants’ wellbeing last week. Read More
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The public perception of young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds is often associated with crime or offending behaviour. Unbalanced media stories sometimes reinforce these stereotypes. Read More
On 9th September 2014, CMY celebrated 25 years of service to multicultural young people across Victoria. Read More
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Despite the diversity of the Victorian community, racism is an everyday reality for young people of migrant and refugee background. Against this backdrop, debate about our cultural diversity has in recent years become increasingly politicised and conflicted nationally. Read More
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An introduction to racism and what different organisations do in response to racism in schools.  Read More
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This report explores what was discussed at the Race Relations: Racism in Victoria Youth Forum. The forum brought young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds together, to challenge and equip them with took tools to take a positive and proactive approach to racism.  Read More
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On 4 April 2013, CMY hosted the first Statewide Forum for 2013 on racism in Victoria. The forum addressed contemporary manifestations of racism; the legal architecture relating to racial discrimination in Victoria; CMY’s engagement with racism over the past 25 years; and migrant and refugee young Read More