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What can we all do to create a more harmonious society?

If you’re aged 16-30, Parliament of Victoria wants to hear from you. Send in your short video on what you believe can contribute to a peaceful and harmonious society.
They’re offering cash prizes of up to $1000 in two categories: a panel selection and a people’s choice. 
Videos shared with them will become part of a video installation at Parliament House later this year, bringing young people’s voices into the place our laws are made and key debates are held.
Watch the video for inspiration (featuring our Shout Out speaker Asanga Seneviratne!), grab your camera and get involved! 
Entries are open until 11 August 2017. Find out more



 Share your story with TCKtown

TCK TOWN is an online journal which embraces vulnerability by writing authentic stories that empower like-minded people about living the life of a TCK or a Third Culture Kid.
A “Third Culture Kid” is term to describe someone who identifies with more than one culture.
They accept articles from contributing writers all year round.